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Are you ready to RAGE QUIT?


This is a game made for  #flappyjam & (but was too late) for #candyjam. Inspired by the contraints of the #flappyjam theme & gameplay 

#flappyjam: "make a hard, almost unplayable game"

and the love for games that you can actually fail & master (that's where the #candyjam f2p thing comes in)

Wanna see a gameplay video?

important people ranting bout the game:

rami from vlambeer
Video review by Nick from Indie-impressions.com (love the show!)

"...as long as you don't have issues with flashing lights, it's very entertaining and addictive. Have fun going for a high score!"

User comment: "This game just... Feels, really good."

Tim from indiegames.com
"One of the best takes yet on the Flappy Bird mechanic, Ridiculous Glitching is a competitive multiplayer arcade game for up to four players on the same keyboard...A single-player option is included for practice runs, but the game only starts to shine when you can round up a few friends to play together with."
Chris from Kotaku
"What lies beyond in the infinite void of data? One hard-ass game, that's what."
Brian from N3rdabl3
"Ridiculous Glitching is a hell-spawn derived from the Flappy Jam challenge to “make a hard, almost unplayable game,” and damn if it doesn’t live up to the challenge...[it has] super awesome features like ‘ever increasing, increasing difficulty’ and ‘lots of game over screens’ this game is sure to satisfy your weekly quota of “F*** THIS GAME” screams."
Awesome video of a 4 player battle from the yogscast guys
Youtube user comment: "Ridiculous Glitching...ending friendships one glitch at a time."
Patrick from Giantbomb playing for the first time
"Hey, You Should Play This"
PC Gamer Best free games of the week:
"A singularity of Flappyness, cloning, glitch affectation, pretend arcade presentation and fist-pumping chiptunes, Ridiculous Glitching should win some sort of award for being the most on-trend indie game around. Thankfully these elements merge to form one cheeky, unpredictable and bastard-hard game you'll want to replay, and replay, and replay and replay to see what other visual and aural tricks it has up its sleeve."
Rock,Paper, Shotgun:
Flappy Bird + multiplayer + retro glitch hell, or, in the words of the jam it came from, “a hard, almost unplayable game”. As the level progresses (aka you survive more than a few seconds) the game distorts, colors warping and dimensions shifting. The challenge is even knowing what you’re looking at.
If this is too completely sadistically fucked for you, there’s...other games[edited].

Stephen from jayisgames.com

What happens when you combine a classic arcade game like Pac-Man with a modern smash hit like Flappy Bird? You get fatal errors out the wazoo, that's what.
Kotaku Japan


  • hidden hardcore mode
  • 4 player messy competitive local multiplayer
  • ever increasing, increasing difficulty
  • global ranking (on local hiscore improve)
  • glitches!
  • moar glitches
  • lots of game over screens
  • free2pain

Game bla bla (aka story):

what happens if a rogue electron leading to a rom error gives a once 'free to play' video game a once in a lifecycle chance to follow its heart.

What will it do?.

In Ridiculous Glitching, you the player will play against this game gone rogue. Instead of guiding, helping and pampering you - instead of milking millions of meaningless clicks and premium currency from you (for you to stay in the flow & addicted) it will follow its most inner wish:

It will crush you.

it will use collective video game memory to conjure up a zerrbild of videogames not to give a challenge but to beat you.

Would the game be a human being - it would be considered a psychopath.

Can you survive the real paywall?

Word of advice: stay clear of the glitch!

made by @firepunchd

moar stuff on firepunchd.com

contact firepunchd

Credits for this game.

Super candy flappy glitchy super saga super crushy mega flappy mega dungeon giga f2p super saga super crushy mega flappy mega dungeon giga f2p glitchy super saga super crushy mega flappy mega dungeon giga f2p super saga super crushy mega flappy mega dungeon giga f2p banner broforce tale ridiculous texting.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
TagsArcade, endlessrunner, flappyjam, glitch, Retro


RidiculousGlitchingWin.zip 10 MB
RidiculousGlitchingOSX.zip 18 MB
RidiculousGlitchingLinux.zip 20 MB

Install instructions

Just extract the archives with folder structure and run the executable. Have fun!