A downloadable game for Windows

You just started your nightshift at Happy Toy Inc. Your colleague left you a note

Sorry Bro, the computer broke down. I rewired the elecotrical animal toy machine so you can manually produce the last orders from the online shop. Some strange requests this time. This might be a bit fidelly but you can do it! Sorry, but I gotta meet my new friend. See you tomorrow.


The whole game is exclusively controlled by a remapped amplifier using arduino and unity. No mouse or keyboard.

Short vine of the game in action

See the screenshots for more info on the controller layout.

Bastien Olivier Dijkstra
Michael Verweij
Simon Cubasch
Hans Hübener
Foop Kobold


HappyToyInc_Nightshift.zip 58 MB

Install instructions

Do not download the game. It needs a custom controller to run.

It is only here for the alt ctrl jam


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Do you happen to have plans for the controller?

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Hi i was wondering If this was like a Party game and if you could make one for mac

`Smacked game team